44 Powerful Affirmations for Money

To encourage wealth and money, you need to train your thoughts on abundance. But we do the exact opposite by trying to concentrate on what we do not have, like high paying jobs, defaulting on bill payments, day to day struggles to ensure a better life, lack of common necessities etc.

By doing this you are focusing all your energy on the negatives, leading to further scarcity and frustration.

Affirmations for money, Wealth, Prosperity should be positive. To get more, we need to pay attention to what we already have and work on being thankful and grateful, which in turn moves our awareness to the good things in our life and starts a cycle of abundance, which comes in by counting our blessings.

We have prepared a list of affirmations for money to help bring positive vibrations in your life and thereby bless you with more, money, wealth and prosperity.

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