Origins of Thoughts & Beliefs

Some ideas that we live by every day, “Life is a struggle”. “Everything in life comes with a price tag.” “The world has become lot unsafe to live in”. “At the end of the day, it’s just what you earn that matter”. “Men for their money and women for their beauty”. Everyone sure does have weird assumptions and imaginary rules about the way life should be lived. What limiting ideas do you live with! 

Our learning process starts much before we even arrive on this beautiful planet. Our Parents work out the life mystery and the world around them to us through their actions and emotions. when we are a child our parents feelings towards us goes  a long way in the way we value ourselves. Our feelings are entwined to their emotions, be it happiness or sorrow.

A happy family contributes to us growing into a caring, sharing, joyful and honest person, who looks to share the same around the world. At the same time a family that is always struggling, scared, abusive, and sad, tends to lend adverse beliefs about ourselves and our life.

THINK...are we doing the same with our children.