Swing your way to a Positive Life

The Swing Method lets you redo a deep-rooted answer by building in a new reply to the same action. It rewires the mind to answer in a brand new way to a circumstance that before caused in negative thoughts, actions and feelings. It is a foolproof method to change any bad habits like nail-biting or smoking to changing views on situations like anxiousness and worry (e.g from dislike to ease or enjoyment) and changing actions like screaming at your loved ones, workplace behavior or not standing up for yourself, or spontaneously replaying thoughts and situations that make your anxious and worried.

Let’s try it:

Stage 1: Recognize your area of change e.g. stop biting your nails.

Stage 2: Isolate the Hint Picture. What do you do before the unwanted action of biting your nails? Our actions are always subconscious and hence it will help to actually do whatever you do just before you start the unwanted action e.g. move your hand towards your mouth just as you would if you were about to bite your nails. What do you see/hear/feel?

Stage 3: Build a Preferred Result picture. What would be the benefits if you had already made the change that you wish? Not just longer fingernails – Would it be worthwhile? What would be the result of this change on your life? Will it boost your self-confidence? How would that all look like? Build a picture of that Fresh You, YOU that you would be minus the bad habit or action or feeling. Look at yourself as though you are in a movie and change the image until you come up with the best. Increase the brightness, change the size and color of the image and add in positive Abilities like self-confidence, boldness, peace and sympathy etc. until you find it completely fascinating.

Stage 4: Swing the two pictures. Begin with looking at the big and bright hint picture. Then put a small, dim image of your Preferred Result in the lower right corner. Now as you swing in your mind let the Hint Picture wipe off slowly and at the same time the Preferred Result Picture grow big and bright until it completely covers the Hint Picture and fills the curtain of your mind. This has to be done in the blink of an eye that is in less than a second or the time it take to say SWING. Slowly open your eyes. Repeat this method 5 times.

Stage 5: Test. Now try and picture the Hint Picture This should be hard to do as it will tend to be replaced by your Preferred Result picture. On the other hand, try to prompt the action e.g. lift your hand as though to bite your nails. If the old outcome still shows up, go back and swing again after adding some more appealing elements to your image to make it absolutely stunning. The Hint Picture should feel unfriendly since this is a action you wish to change and the Preferred Result should make you feel good. The keys to a successful SWING are speed and properly identifying the start or Hint Picture. Swing in Joy, Happiness and Peace!